J. P. Vaswani


Dada J. P. Vaswani, born on August 2, 1918, is one of the leading educational ambassadors of India, carrying its glorious message to the east and the west. A towering educationist, he believes the frontiers of knowledge must be saturated, with values and ideals. The by-product of acquiring knowledge must be the creation of strong, courageous individuals who will live lives of simplicity and service. Tirelessly, he has served the cause of education, and under his aegis ten schools and three colleges thrive across India with three more in the pipeline.

Utter simplicity, a brilliant analytical mind, true wisdom and tremendous positive faith — all this go into the magnetic personality that is Dada J. P. Vaswani. A personality who in his own humble and inimitable way has earned the praise and respect of world luminaries and peace lovers all over the globe including the United Nations and the House of Commons. He is a practical philosopher and a blazing lighthouse who has influenced the lives of many around the world.

A brilliant student, Dada J. P. Vaswani displayed exceptional intelligence and received a number of double promotions, which enabled him to obtain his B.Sc. degree at the young age of 17. Standing first he became a Fellow of the College. His M. Sc. Thesis on “The scattering of X-Rays by Solids” was examined by none other than the Nobel-Laureate, Dr. C. V. Raman. The whole world lay at his feet beckoning him to join their ranks and earn more laurels for himself. But Rev. Dada chose to serve the cause of education and suffering humanity.

His famous quote is, “Happiness has no permanent address; But it always dwells with those who live for others.” This is exemplified in the service spirited health care centers, hospitals and educational institutions that have been set up by the Sadhu Vaswani Mission.

A powerful orator addressing international platforms and an author of hundreds of books translated into many languages, he dispenses golden truths that are simple, yet profound & can be easily applied to daily life. His words find a home in many hearts due to his deep understanding and insight into all spheres of life and spirituality. His words are meaningful and are backed by the witness of his life in day-to-day living.

A humanitarian of the true spirit, Rev. Dada believes that philosophy and religious theory must wait, while the poor are cared for, the hungry are fed, and the ailing ones comforted. His heart reaches out to one and all irrespective of colour, caste, creed or country.   Thanks to the efforts of this wonderful man, Pune has been gifted with a multi specialty medical complex with state-of the-art equipment comprising of four hospitals – a General Hospital, a multi-modal Cancer Hospital, a Super Specialty Eye Care Hospital and a comprehensive Cardiac-Care Hospital has been established.   All these hospitals provide free or concessional treatment to the poor and needy.

Awards and honours have been heaped on Dada; several citations and distinctions have been conferred on Dada including the U-Thant Peace Award and Sant Gnyaneshwar World Peace Prize, cities and towns in the five continents have opened their gates and hearts to welcome this benefactor of humanity and his message of love. But Dada J.P. Vaswani has remained what he always was, the very picture of humility, love and compassion.


To the troubled, disturbed humanity haunted by the spectre of stress and strain of modern life, Dada gives the message of hope and optimism that can help us face the new millennium with strength and courage: “All is well, all was well and all will be well, both tomorrow and a hundred years hence.”