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Meatless Day



What is SAK?

 SAK stands for Stop All Killing Association. We are committed to the building of a new world order based on the principle of non-violence and reverence for all life.

SAK is spearheaded by Dada J.P. Vaswani, spiritual mentor and head of Sadhu Vaswani Misson, Pune- India and its Centres globally. It is based on the philosophy expounded expounded by Sadhu Vaswani and Dada J.P. Vaswani:

1)      To create and foster reverence for all life, in the belief that ALL life must be regarded as sacred. This is the first step towards World Peace.

2)      To work towards recognising the drafting a chartered Animal Rights.

3)      To create belief in the Brotherhood in all lives.

 SAK  works toward celebrating 25th November ( Sadhu Vaswani’s Birthday) as World Animal Rights and International Meatless Day. On this day we request ALL of you to abstain from all meat, fish and eggs, or any flesh food. Please donate at least a single day by signing the Meatless Day Pledge from. Help us in our cause by spreading this awareness which is rapidly growing, globally, to your family members and friends by getting them to sign and being part of this movement. The signed forms may be sent to the above given address or emailed to

The essential quality of Sadhu Vaswani’s life was divine compassion and tenderness for all those whom the cruel world tramples upon day after day. “The birds and beasts are apparitions of the One Eternal,” said Sadhu Vaswani. Below is an excerpt taken from the book “Heaven Can Wait” by Rev. Dada J P Vaswani.

“Stop brother!” implored Sadhu Vaswani. Do not lash the dumb creature.”

“Sir in that case you will miss the train,” warned the tonga-driver.

“Then let us return to where we started from” suggested Sadhu Vaswani. He was willing to disappoint thousands of his devoted admirers waiting for him to preside over a conference, rather than inflict cruelty on a dumb defenceless creature.