Bridge Builders

Bridge Builders

The Bridge Builders Singapore, are a dedicated group of youngsters who have decided to take a step forward by being instruments in his divine hands, by putting others before self and serving a broken bleeding world. They have helped out in several places, such as, construction sites, the Morale Home and Singapore Indian Association.

Splash & Dash Carwash

image004To raise funds for their community service projects, the Bridge Builders planned a car wash on a Sunday afternoon. They had lots of fun while washing more than a hundred cars. Light snacks were also put on sale at the event. A substantial amount was raised by their sincere efforts and the kind support of many donors who were extremely touched by their selfless service and charitable intention.

Lemonade giveaway at the Construction Site

image006In their first community service project, the Youth Group served light snacks and chilled lemonade to construction site workers.

Footprint at Morale Home for the Disabled

image008The enthusiastic members started the day by serving the children breakfast, which was personally prepared by them. They then proceeded to play various games such as passing the parcel and had a hat-making competition and modelled wearing the hats, which made the residents extremely excited.

Footprint at Singapore Indian Association

image010In this footprint, they aimed to bring a light of hope into 80 children’s lives. They got all the children and their families to dance and get to know one another and played several games. Finally, the children were gifted beautiful goodie bags which were personally prepared by the Bridge Builders.

Soup Kitchen Seva At Willing Hearts

image012Bridge Builders collectively washed huge tubs of rice and vegetables, chopped the vegetables, washed dishes, cooked on big cooking ranges, helped pack food boxes and some also delivered these boxes door to door at homes of the old and neglected ones of Society. Soup Spoon Seva sends 3000 meals daily to such homes. Bridge Builders went on to make this their offering at the feet of God with zest and humility. Our Gurudev often says: In the poor and lowly resides The Lord.

New Years Masquerade Ball

image014A beautiful evening of talent, music, games and sumptuous food was organised by SVC, Singapo Bridge Builders for family and friends. They showcased a collage of all charity work conducted by them throughout 2013. An eye opener for the parents who watched mesmerized at the amazing work their children had been involved in throughout the year. The proceeds were used to renovate the residence of an needy Sindhi family.

The Bridge Builders have offered humble service to the community and will continue to do so in the future. Like-minded and passionate youth who are keen to help build this bridge of love and compassion are welcome to join Bridge Builders and may contact them at

Bridge Builders, Singapore

Unwrapping the Gift called LOVE

“Love is like perfume: we cannot sprinkle it on others without getting some of it on ourselves.”
The essence of these beautiful words said by our Beloved Master, Dada J.P. Vaswani, resonates in our hearts today as we humbly try to pen down the minutesfrom our discussion session – ‘Unwrapping the Gift called LOVE’

As an attempt to dive deep into ourselves and to do some soul-searching on what Love really means to us, Bridge Builders Singapore gathered together at the Sadhu Vaswani Centre for a Satsang session.

The session started with Om chanting, invocation of Lord Ganesha and Guru, and Vedic prayer for peace and harmony. This was followed by an hour and a half long interactive Q/A session. As a part of the exercise, Bridge Builders were asked to wear T-shirts of the color they felt represented Love. It was very exciting to hear everyone talk about their chosen colors and their version of the meaning of Love. For some of them, Love was colorful, for some it was pure as white, for some it was green, the color of healing, and for others it was the color of the heart, deep red. But, could we ever imagine love being black? No! Right? But oh, how enlightening it was to hear one of our bridge builders talk about it. When asked “So why did you choose black as your color?” her reply was, “Well, black is not a color, it’s the absence of color… just how darkness is the absence of light, Love is the absence of hatred.”

Following this exercise of introspection, we had a Q/A session where each one of us had to pick out a heart from the ‘Box of Love’. Each heart had a question on Love written on it, to be answered by the seeker. Why do we love? How do we know if we love someone or something unconditionally? What are the different types of Love? How is love different from lust? Does love fade away with time?… And many more such questions and answers helped clear our doubts and broaden our horizons. To some, Love was a feeling; to others it was an action. When asked “How far would you go for love?“, one of the bridge builders replied “It’s not how far I would go, it’s how deep I would go for Love”. When asked to name one example of a loving person, a fellow bridge builder felt that Dada was the epitome of Love. To him, Dada was the perfect inspiration and example of a loving person.

The final section of the Satsang was a video of a Q/A session of Dada with Bridge Builders Pune.

It’s said that Love is the simplest thing in the world, but it is one of the most difficult to explain in words. That’s why, it needs to be woven into the fabric of our daily lives in a way that’s easy to understand and practice. A Great master suggests that in its simplest form:

“Love as thought is ‘Sathya’ (truth),

Love as action is ‘Dharma’ (Righteousness),

Love as feeling is ‘Shanti’ (Peace),

Love as understanding is ‘Ahimsa’ (Non-Violence)”

He also says that there is no reason for Love and there is no season for Love! If only we start the day with Love, live the day with Love, fill the day with Love, spend the day with Love and end the day with Love; maybe someday, we will get a tiny glimpse of the all-pervading, everlasting and unchanging reality that Love is.

What an inspirational day it was! We can’t thank Dada enough for His love and blessings.

In the constant pursuit of Truth…

Bridge Builders, Singapore