S.V.C. Singapore

s.v.c. singapore

Pujya Dada J. P. Vaswani, for the first time, set His Holy Feet on the shores of Singapore in February 1982.


Although Dada hardly knew anybody here when he first arrived, it did not take long for his charismatic, magnetic charm to attract all who came in contact with him. His mesmerizing loving smile captivated many hearts and most were almost immediately attracted to him like fireflies to the flame.

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Suddenly the thirst for knowledge of the our true self and the ultimate purpose of our lives on the earth plane was awakened in the people, who came to listen to him. There seemed to be a new awakening!  Dadaji’s words of wisdom motivated them to come again and again and they irresistibly flocked around him as he spoke. Day by day the crowds grew larger and larger.

Dadaji’s primary emphasis, during his talks, were, to cultivate the soul and develop a relationship with God. Service to the needy, broken and forlorn was equally important, said Dada.

“Did you meet him on the road, did you leave him with the load?”  He urged us to lift the load of the weary, heavy laden and the downtrodden.

As doctors cure the ailments of the body, saints cure the dis-ease of the mind, thus making us free from the negativities that enslave us. They, have the magic wand that stirs our sleeping souls with which a  transformation of the mind and heart takes place. It is said that when the student is ready, the teacher comes! And our Gurudev had arrived to take into his fold many aspiring hearts! He came to convert us from old to new and many of us were reborn to the life of the spirit.

We witnessed the fructification of seeds that Dada had sown, which blossomed into a newly born interest and enthusiasm for the name of God and a need to live a more purposeful life. Dadaji’s first, and next few visits brought many of us together into a new family fold, people who were inspired to carry on learning from his teachings and to remain in touch with Dadaji through his recorded talks, and, to chant together the name Divine.

This led to the start of fellowship gatherings in devotees homes.


As the crowds and service grew, eventually a centre was established with Dada’s blessings in a small rented apartment in Fair Drive. It was inaugurated in Dada’s presence with His Holy Hands in (year)


As the family and  activities grew, we felt the need for a larger place. This became possible with the help of some generous devotees and friends.  In the year 2000 we moved to our new, and present premises situated on 127 Marshall Road which was also inaugurated by Beloved Gurudev J P Vaswani in (year)

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